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November 22, 2013
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Creating Characters, Where to Start? by ConceptCookie Creating Characters, Where to Start? by ConceptCookie
The second most requested tutorial series is now live on "Creating Characters, Where to Start?" Check it out here:…

Technical Aspects - These are the fundamentals that you need to practice, over and over again to build your skills as an artist.
    - Anatomy - Having a solid understanding of anatomy will create more believable and accurate characters. Practice using references or take a life drawing class. 
    - Proportions - These have countless tips on how to remember accurate proportions. Look them up like, "The head is five eyes wide" etc.
    - Posing - Having a combo knowledge of anatomy and proportions will give you the freedom to pose your characters. Work with gestures first. 
    - Angling - This is the placement of the "camera" or the set point from where you are viewing the character. 
Aesthetic Aspects:
    - Strong Silhouettes - imply shape and form. Easy to recognize. Unique, bold silhouettes are usually the strongest composition. 
    - Shapes and Poses - Helps distinguish features and creates interesting compositions.
    - Color Balance - Choose colors that ADD to the character. People associate colors with different aspects, so be mindful of that. 
    - Creating an "S" -  This creates a visual flow to your piece and creates a more interesting composition. 
Character Aspects:
    - Who are they? - More than just what color is their hair. Ask questions like how were they raised, what is their favorite memory, etc. Things that add to the character that aren't just aesthetic. 
    - Role/Occupation - defines motivations and goals, usually sets the first impression. 
    - Dynamics - actions based on intentions, most simply: scale from evil to pure. 
    - Building Interest - add an element that adds interest to the character and wants the viewer wanting to know what that mysterious element is. 
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Darkgreendracon Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013
Your entire deviantArt gallery ceases to amaze me. These are so very helpful and I am sharing with others to help build characters for comics and books. I wanted to personally say Thank you for all of the posts you have made to help others. It really makes a big  difference  when people know where to start. Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
ConceptCookie Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Glad to hear, thanks for spreading the resources, I hope they are proving helpful =D
KiraXP Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
thank you so much great help :happybounce: 
Art-an Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
good advice
and-reese Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013
awesome little guide, and +1 for referencing FF7 =D
ConceptCookie Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
TommyhHappy Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013
is that the guy who drawnig and then his dad must guess what he drawing?
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IllusionDrive Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this based on BC Backer?
BTW awsome I am totally gonna use this!!
ConceptCookie Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
You bet it is, Baker is sorta like CG Cookie's mascot so all the sub sites use him for different resources and tutorials!
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